Bail Bonds in Franklin Springs, GA

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Franklin Springs Bondsman

Do you need to post bond and get out of jail fast? We provide local Franklin Springs bail bonds at Double "O" Bonding. We are on your side and ready to get to work. Every bail bondsman on our team understands what you and your loved ones are enduring right now. You can reach out to us at 706-353-6467 if you need bail bonds in Franklin Springs, GA.

Our Bail Bond Team Can Help

Getting charged with a crime and feeling the threat of a criminal record and prison incarceration is a strain on the nerves, the mind, and the bank account. Our bondsmen are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. We understand the burden you’re carrying now and can help you handle it by posting fast bail for your defendant after a low and fair payment, getting them out of jail quickly, and home where they belong. This gives them time to find a lawyer who is as dependable and diligent as we are.

From a Destination Point to Beautiful Home

Established as its own city in 1924, Franklin Springs is one of the youngest cities in the state of Georgia. Before its establishment, in 1890, the area was known as a Springview Hotel – a health resort. The resort drew Georgians from Atlanta and Savannah, and more than a few crossed state lines from South Carolina and Louisiana – as far as New Orleans in some cases – in order to visit the sulfur, freestone, and mineral springs the resort’s two hotels, two pavilions, and skating rink were built around. The Springview Hotel was bought by the Pentecostal Holiness Church in 1918 and converted to the Franklin Springs Institute, now known as Emmanuel College.

Two miles from Royston, Franklin Springs City was chartered on July 22nd, 1924, and is now called home by nearly 1,000 citizens plus the students of Emmanuel College.

24/7 Bail Bondsmen

As dedicated servants to the Georgian community, our agents at Double "O" Bonding are proud to provide bail bonds in Franklin Springs 24/7. Because it doesn’t matter the time of day or night, whether it’s through the week or on the weekend, and especially on any given holiday – if you need bail fast, we will post at your call. All it takes is a small payment at a fraction of the total bail and a brief bailout form (found here) from you and we take care of the rest! We are happy to provide bail bonds for many purposes, including theft and DUI charges. Call us now at 706-353-6467!