Probation Violation Bail

Probation violation bail

Probation Violation Bail

Regardless of how minor a previous conviction may have been, violating probation can lead to serious consequences. If you have or a loved one has been arrested, call us as soon as possible! We are open 24/7 and our licensed bail bonds agents know you need a friendly professional at a time like this. We offer probation violation bail in Jefferson, GA and many surrounding counties fast. Whether you’re coming back to us again or shopping for a new bail agent, we provide the same attentive, efficient service to everyone. As soon as we have your or your loved one’s information, we can find them, post bail fast, and help prepare you for your upcoming court date. Please reach out to us at 706-353-6467 to learn more. You can reach us for many types of bail bonds, including DUI and drug charges.

Probation and its Conditions

Probation is a sort of release program triggered by the suspension of a prison or jail sentence which is entirely conditional on meeting court-mandated requirements. It acts as an opportunity for a defendant to prove to the court that they can behave within the legal limits of civilized society. As long as the individual on probation meets every requirement, they can continue to live their lives outside of jail or prison.

Moreover, if a defendant is on probation after a conviction of a misdemeanor, probation may simply be the most efficient way to collect the fines incurred by that misdemeanor. Similar conditions of probation may include but are not limited to the following:

  • taking and passing a driver’s safety course
  • court-ordered community service
  • passing random drug/alcohol tests
  • maintaining attendance to meetings with your probationary officer
  • no breaking any law
  • attending and passing anger management courses
  • completing a cycle at a mental health treatment or drug rehabilitation facility
  • maintaining steady employment
  • not crossing state lines without express permission/approval from your probationary officer
  • disassociation from any possible criminal elements – including both people and places
  • anything else a judge may attach among the conditions needed to be met for your probationary period to meet completion

What Determines Probationary Conditions and Length of Term?

A judge will look at the original crime, the level of violence or damage involved, and your previous criminal record (if any) when initially deciding probation. Upon a violation of probation being reported, a judge will then take all of this into account again as well as what the violation was, the extent or nature of the violation, any previous record of violations, and possible extenuating circumstances.

Once this has been evaluated, a judge will then decide the appropriate penalty. Penalties of probation violations include but are not limited to:

  • revocation of probation (i.e. reestablishment of jail sentence)
  • further incurred fines
  • longer probation period
  • new arrest

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