Disorderly Conduct Bail

Photo of keys to handcuffs, freedom, arrestingBeing charged with disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor in the state of Georgia. Specifically, these charges can be applied for what is commonly known as “disturbing the peace.” These charges do not always – or frequently – involve harming anyone or causing destruction to a piece of property. Georgia’s disorderly conduct laws are worded to apply to anything which “disturbs the community.” Generally, these laws are broad and up for interpretation as it is the police who are responsible for applying them under circumstances that may be circumspect.

If you or your loved one has been arrested for disturbing the peace, call us immediately. Our bail bondsmen specialize in disorderly conduct bail for Jefferson, GA and the surrounding counties and can bail out your loved one quickly. The laws pertaining to disorderly conduct include any actions which can be interpreted as violent towards another that can result in inspiring fear to that other person. The following is a list of what this can include but is not limited to:

  • Behaving unpredictably or violently towards a piece of property of which you do not own which may place the property at risk of damage or destruction
  • Using unprovoked vulgar or obscene language in the presence of or over the phone with a child under 14 years old.
  • Housing disruptive activities such as drinking, gaming or gambling, that may disturb the community – known as “maintaining a disorderly house”
  • Using “fighting words” – words to provoke a violent reaction from another, without provocationPhoto of drink, gin & tonic, alcohol, glass

However, as “public drunkenness” is legally a separate offense which may not be proven without the results of a blood test or breathalyzer, you could have a charge of disorderly conduct levied against you if you appear intoxicated by behaving disruptively or using loud, profane language.

Penalties for Disorderly Conduct Convictions

By the nature of this law, disorderly conduct may ever only be a misdemeanor, consequentially may lead up to fines of $1,000 and/or incarceration in a county or state jail for a maximum of one year.

Bail Bonds Agents on Your Side

Photo of handshake, professional, business, reliability, accountabilityAt Double “O” Bonding, we understand how easy it is for a fun night to get out of hand. Sometimes, the charge can result from a mere misinterpretation of anxiety or enthusiasm.

We are not here to lecture, judge, or condemn you
. We specialize in disorderly conduct bail for Jefferson, GA and the surrounding counties because everyone makes mistakes and deserves a chance to move past them. We help you make bail fast so that you and your loved ones can move on together and learn from past mistakes. We’re open all day and all night, ready to take your call and work with you to get your defendant home now. Call us!

Disorderly Conduct Bond
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