Basics of Contacting a Bail Bondsman

We cannot see the future. Even many things that we think will never happen are still possibilities. You can get that sudden, unexpected call letting you know that your loved one has been arrested. There is no harm in being aware of what to do, should this happen. One of the first things you should do is contact a bail bondsman.

Finding the Right Bail Bondsman

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The criminal justice system works ‘round the clock. When you need bail, a bail bondsman is available. It is a lot easier now to find one, thanks in large part to Googling and general online searching. When you do your searching, you want someone who is readily available. An arrest and the need for bail could come up at any time. You need bail services that are available 24/7. Your loved one shouldn’t have to remain in jail for another day, or days, waiting on available bail; a good bondsman will help you immediately, even when the time in inconvenient.

Knowing the options for bail in your area is not a bad idea, since you never know when an arrest might happen. Thanks to reviews and other information online, you can find out what bail services have the best reputation for being available when you need them, and being trustworthy. Spend just a little time looking for the best place, and you have one less thing to worry about when if the time comes.

Your bondsman should offer all the information you need to understand the bail process. It should be easy to reach out, get someone, and get information. We’re here for you at Double O Bonding. Just call us at (706) 353-6467 for a trustworthy bail bondsman in Athens, GA.

3 Things to Remember When Being Arrested

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Being arrested for the first time is a scary, intimidating experience. However, remembering these three things can help you have a smoother, less volatile experience and keep you out of further trouble.

Know Your Rights, and Exercise Them.

You really do have the right to remain silent. You should do this. Answer questions that you are asked clearly and precisely, but offer no additional information. Be polite to the officers, but don’t chit-chat. This is a serious situation and making light of it will not help you. Unless officers have a warrant, you also have the right to refuse a search. Never let an officer search your home or vehicle without a warrant or probable cause. This could land you in even more trouble that may not even be your fault.

Ask What Your Charge and Get the Arresting Officer’s Name.

When you are being arrested, make sure you know why. Ask what the charge is, but do not be rude or sarcastic. If you get the chance, also get the arresting officer’s name for your records. This will be important in case any discrepancies arise in your case. Remember the exact charge and report it to your legal advisor to ensure a clear, matching charge.

Stay Polite.

One of the hardest things to do when people find themselves in an arrest situation is to be polite. This is vital, however. Your actions will be taken into consideration by the judge who sets your bond. If you have a smart mouth and are obstinate with your arresting officer, the judge may set your amount higher for insubordination. Even though being arrested is a frustrating, scary situation, you must remain polite.

Being arrested is a frightening, stressful experience. Don’t make it worse than it has to be. Remaining cordial and polite will help your experience go smoother and faster to get you released quicker. When you or a loved one has been arrested, call the Double O Bonding team to help at (706) 353 – 6467.

What is Excessive Bail?

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You Have the Right to Appeal Excessive Bail Amounts.

The 8th Amendment in the Bill of Rights prohibits the courts from imposing excessive bail or fines on a defendant. The amendment doesn’t give any specific amount that qualifies as excessive bail, but it has been interpreted to mean that the bail amount should reflect the crime committed and the risk of the defendant skipping town.

Know Your Rights

There are several factors that the court uses to determine the amount of bail. These factors include the type of crime committed, criminal history, flight risk and any extenuating circumstances that pertain to the case at hand. Once all those factors have been considered, an arraignment hearing is held. At this hearing, the defendant will make a plea and the judge will set bail.

In the event that the defendant and their lawyer feel the bail amount is too high and falls in the category of excessive bail prohibited by the Constitution, they can file a motion for the reduction of bail. If the court rejects this motion, the defendant has the right to appeal to a higher court.

Contact a Bail Bond Agent

Many times the bail amount does not fall into the category of excessive bail, but is it still too much for the defendant to pay out of pocket. It is for these situations that bail bond companies like Double “O” Bonding exist. We are here to help you get out jail as soon as possible by posting bail when you can’t afford it. Whether you’ve been arrested on charges for a misdemeanor or a felony, we are here to help you get the bail money you need.

3 Common Probation Violations

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In Georgia There are 3 Types of Probation Supervisions

Have you or someone you know violated probation in the Athens, GA area? If so, Double O Bonding is here to help. We offer probation violation bail and we have bail agents on call ready to discuss your specific situation. In Georgia, there are 3 types of supervisions that accompany probation. They are:

  • General: The most common form of supervision with a dynamic range of standard to high
  • Mental Health: For offenders who suffer from chronic mental illness or have a history of it
  • Specialized: A supervision specifically designed for sex offenders

Most people will fall under the general supervision category. Violating that probation can cause a myriad of penalties including; revocation of probation, additional sentencing, or a new charge. If you are unsure what constitutes a violation, consider these 5 common probation violations:

Committing Additional Crimes

One no-brainer violation is committing another crime. If you can be arrested for it on its own merit, it will without question violate your probation. Not only do your risk losing your initial sentencing but also being hit with a new one.

Failure to Complete Community Service

Some penalties require community service, which is mandatory. The court can provide a list of approved organizations in which you can put your time in. These organizations are typically along the lines of a humane society or food bank.

Missed Appointments

Every person on probation is required to meet with their probation officer within a reasonable span of the scheduled time. The officer schedules the time and it is them that you must adhere to. If you do fail to show up, the officer has a right to report the incident to the court. Call (706) 353 – 6467 for probation violation bail in Athens, GA and surrounding areas.

Top 5 Teen Offenses

One of the most difficult tasks as a parent is keeping your child out of trouble. Of course, your child will get into trouble now and again, but we are referring to the serious, handcuff, going on your record kind of trouble. We cringe at the thought of our child ever having to go through the fear and stress of jail for a silly mistake or a stupid decision they have made. We have provided a list of the top 5 teen offenses, according to, to ensure you know what to look out for to keep your child safe.

#5 Curfew

As in traffic cases, many times these offenses don’t lead to your teen spending time behind bars, but there is a possibility. Teens are caught every night out past their city’s curfew time. These offenses could come with hefty fines and, in repeat cases, time to be served.

#4 Vandalism

Kids most often get in trouble for this by “tagging” bathroom stalls or other public areas. These charges are usually resolved by paying a fine, but as in other situations, repeat teen offenses could hold heftier punishment such as jail time or counseling classes.

#3 Assault and Disorderly Conduct

Today, Justice Departments everywhere take this offense seriously, and include situations of bullying, pushing and shoving, fighting, or even flashing. Assault and Disorderly conduct charges often require a substantial fine and could include a jail time sentence.

#2 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana

Often, students are caught with tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana on school grounds, which tend to rack up more fines and charges. Tobacco charges are typically dealt with by issue of a ticket and/or a required drug, alcohol, and tobacco awareness class. When there is another offense after these steps, a judge may require time served in a juvenile detention center.

#1 Theft

Whether it’s peer pressure or the thrill of the chase, more kids are brought up on theft charges including burglary, shoplifting, and stealing private property than any other charge. Typically, these offenses incur large fines and community service or counseling periods. If the offense is repeated, time will likely need to be served, depending on the age of the child.

While we can’t always keep our children out of trouble, knowing what types of offenses are common helps us to know what to look for. We can’t always be there, but we can always be prepared.


What Will Happen If I Jump Bail?

What Will Happen If I Jump Bail?

What Will Happen If I Jump Bail? A Few Things Can Occur From Bail Jumping.

What will happen if I jump bail? While this is something that should never happen unless there are extenuated circumstances, it is important to know what will happen if you or someone you love jumps bail.

Given An Arrest Warrant

When you don’t appear in court when you are supposed to, you are likely to be issued an arrest warrant. Police officers could be looking for you and in some states, a bounty hunter will be hired in order to track you down.

Forfeit/Surrender Bond

If you fail to appear in court on your assigned court date, your bail bond will be forfeited. This means that if you or a loved one put up money, property, etc. on a bail bond, you are relinquishing your right to the full amount of the bond.

Continue To Face Charges

The logic probably goes that if you don’t show up to the assigned court day, the charges will be dropped and forgotten entirely. Wrong! Just because you jump bail does not mean the court or judge will forget that you completely missed your court date. Because of this, it will lead to other things, which is discussed in the next section.

Extra Charges Are Added

More years could be added to your first charge, or you could be sentenced with a completely different charge for not showing up for your court date.

So what will happen if I jump bail? A lot of bad things. It’s important that you always, always show up for your court date. If you need bail bond services in Athens, GA, call the bail bondsman at Double “O” Bonding today at 706-353-6467.

What Is Bail And How Does It Work?

As an American citizen, you are guaranteed a set of rights to protect you. In the event of an arrest, you are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. That is why the drafters of the Constitution made sure that we all have a right to bail and release. The eighth amendment makes sure that courts can’t set excessive bail prices, and you can only be denied bail in the event of certain crimes that would deem a defendant dangerous to the public. So what is bail? Bail is a monetary pledge that tells the court you will return to court for your hearing if they release from jail until the court date. While you could wait out that time in jail, you would miss out on vital hours needed to prepare your case.

While bail can’t be set to excessive amounts, it can be expensive for out of pocket. Your bail amount is set by the judge, and how much it will be is determined by the charges against you, as well as your personal history. When your bail is too expensive for a cash payment, you have the opportunity to work with a bail bondsman. Bail bonds let you pay a small fee, and the bail bondsman will pay the rest of your bail. 

You have a lot of choices for bail bonds in Athens, GA, but when you need a fast and reliable bail agent on your side, we hope you call our professionals at Double “O” Bonding at (706) 353 – 6467We are happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have!

Longest Prison Sentences in the Country

As a professional bail bonds company, our responsibility is to do what we can to keep you out of jail for as long as possible. But the reality is that, once you go to that courtroom, if the judge finds you guilty of a particular offense, and gives you your sentence, there’s nothing else that we can do about it. And depending on the offense(s) that was violated, there are some that will eventually see freedom after a couple of years, but others won’t outlive their sentence. Check out some of the world’s longest prison sentences to date.

  1. In July 2012, James Eagan Holmes went into a Colorado movie theater and opened fire, slaying 12 and injuring 70 individuals. He ended up being convicted of first-degree murder, which he received life without parole and then an additional 3,300 years for the dozens of attempted murder.
  2. Back in 1976, Dudley Wayne Kyzer was charged with a triple homicide. He shot his ex-wife in the chest, her mother in the head, along with a male student, also in the head, who happened to be with them on that fateful Halloween night. To make sure that he would never see freedom again, the judge sentenced him to 10,000 years in prison.
  3. Charles Scott Robinson tops the American list with a sentence of 30,000 for six counts of sexual assault on children back in 1994. The jurors on this case wee unable to agree on a life sentence without parole, but the judge made sure that Robinson would never be eligible for parole and never see the outside of prison ever again.

Although we have no weight on the judge’s final word and sentencing, we are here to make sure that you maintain your freedom until your court date. So if you know someone that’s in need of reliable bail bond services in Athens, GA, dial (800) 660-6467. The expert bail bondsmen at Double “O” Bonding are here when you need us.

Were They Really Arrested for That?

ArrestedPeople get arrested every single day. Of course, that’s nothing new. But you’d be surprised to find out some of the most outlandish and bizarre reasons for some arrest. Check out our list of some of the most off the wall arrests recorded.

  • During a traffic stop, 23-year-old, Ashley Huff had her bag searched by an officer where he found a spoon covered with a suspicious substance. Huff said that it was a spoon she had used to eat Spaghettios with earlier and had thrown it into her bag to return it to her friend. Not believing the story, officers conducted a field test and it came back positive, allegedly. She was charged with possession of a methamphetamine and spent a month and a half in jail before the lab results came back proving that Huff had been telling the truth all along.
  • In Lago Vista, TX, Gail Atwater had been stopped by police when the officer noticed that the two children in the backseat did not have on seat belts. This would normally call for a simple ticket for the violation. Instead, the officer arrested Atwater and she remained in jailed before posting bond. At hear court date, she ended up paying the maximum fine for a minor criminal offense of $50.
  • Wesley Force was arrested for dropping the “F” bomb in public. He ended up being released without bond but was sentenced to 10 days in jail.  The judge allowed him to serve that time at home while wearing an electronic ankle bracelet.

No one is beyond getting arrested. So if or someone you know ends up needs reliable bail bond services in Athens, GA, contact us at (706) 353-6467 or (800) 660-6467. The pros at Double “O” Bonding is here for you!

Common Bail Bond Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Make

In order to make the bail bond process a lot smoother, it is imperative to know what and what not to do. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen and it can bring more issues in an already stressful matter. To ensure the bail process is uncomplicated and your release isn’t delayed, here are common bail mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Bail bond mistakes

Know What Bail Bond Mistakes to Avoid.

Incorrect Contact Information

This is a bail bond mistake that will surely put you in jeopardy. When you apply for a bail bond, it is important that the address is absolutely correct. Putting down an incorrect address will make you look dishonest and could even get you sent back to jail.

Traveling On Bail

Some travel is unavoidable but before you go out of state, you need to notify the bail bondsman and the courts. As long as travel does not conflict with court dates it should be okay, but this is a bail bond mistake that could end up costing you your bail bond and the bail bond fee if the proper notification doesn’t take place.

Getting Arrested Again

Whether you get arrested for a new crime or commit the same crime again, the bail bondsman needs to know. The bail bondsman needs to know immediately because if a person is re-arrested, they can legally revoke the bond.

Not Following Bail Instructions

This is a bond mistake that can lead to no good. If you miss a court date or delay payment on a bond, this can lead you in serious trouble.

If you are needing bail bond services in Athens, GA, give the experts at Double O Bonding a call at (706) 353 – 6467 today.