What Is the Cost of Disorderly Conduct Bail Bond?

What Is the Cost of Disorderly Conduct Bail Bond?

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What is the cost of disorderly conduct bail bond?

It may be all fun and games, then it may be angry and mad, but needing disorderly conduct bail can be the result when things get out of hand. Every city and state have different considerations of what is considered disorderly conduct, bail amounts can vary based on different factors. 

Life seems easy-going and laid back in Jefferson, Georgia, with friendly residents and all the things that make America great. But there are laws and law enforcement officers to keep things going smoothly. So, can you get arrested for a disorderly conduct? Absolutely, that is how this city has remained to be an easy-going and laid-back city! 

If it weren’t for the fear of being arrested and posting disorderly conduct bail, it may be like the wild, wild, wild west, (east of Texas). So, what counts as disorderly conduct, what are examples of disorderly conduct? There are several ways that can be considered disorderly conduct. The following are 4 of the ways possible: 

A person acting in a violent manner towards another person, giving them a reasonable fear of their own safety.

A person acting in a violent manner towards another person, giving them a reasonable fear, of their property being damaged or destroyed.

Without being provoked, a person uses abusive or opprobrious words in their presence, with an indication of intentions to incite an immediate break of the peace, with words that are common knowledge that, when used have the tendency to provoke violent resentment. Common jargon refers to this as “fighting words”. 

Without being provoked, a person uses obscene, profane, or vulgar language in the presence of a child 14 years old or younger, either by phone or in person that is received as threatening. 

What is the punishment for a disorderly conduct? 

In Jefferson, Georgia, an arrest for disorderly conduct, bail posted, the following can be expected as punishment for a misdemeanor charge: 

Maximum fines of $1,000 and/or 

Maximum one-year incarceration in county or state facility 

Can you get a bail bond for a disorderly conduct?

Yes, disorderly conduct bail is possible for anyone arrested on those charges. Seeking the bail bond assistance from a bail bonds agent, or hiring a criminal defense attorney.  Going the route of an attorney is recommended if you feel the arrest and charges were not legitimate.

However, if you’re arrested on a “public drunkenness” charge, the matter is a separate offense and may be handled differently. This includes a blood test or breathalyzer, and the arrested person could face the disorderly conduct charge and public drunkenness charges too. The disorderly conduct bail will include additional bail for the second charge. 

How much does a disorderly conduct bail cost?

A disorder conduct bail amount will be determined by the arraignment judge, just as it is with any other type of arrest that results in bail being set. The maximum fine for disorderly conduct charges in Jefferson, Georgia is $1,000 with the possibility of maximum one-year incarceration. 

The purpose of the bail is to provide an incentive for the defendant to return for assigned court date, so the judge may set the bail amount at any amount as they see fit. To get a bail bond with a bail bond agency is typically 10% of the bail amount plus any fees they charge.  The disorderly conduct bail posted will not include any additional court fees or fines that may be required.

How do disorderly conduct bail work?

Once you have been arrested and taken to jail, you’ll be “booked”, meaning your fingerprints, mug shot, and personal information collected like name, address, phone number, driver’s license, etc. Then you’ll be placed in a holding cell until it is your turn to be presented before the arraignment judge.

The judge will review the charges, the defendant’s criminal record, standing in the community, etc. then set the bail amount as allowed by pre-defined policies. The bail amount is stated, and the defendant has the opportunity to post the bail bond at that moment if they are able or given their one phone call to find a family, friend, lawyer, or bail bond agent to come post bail for their release. 

Once the disorderly conduct bail bond has been posted, the defendant is free to go. They will be advised of the court date established and must return for this date or the bail bond is forfeited. In this case, the defendant will be returned to jail. 

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Additional Questions on Disorderly Conduct Bail 

How long can you go to jail for a disorderly conduct?

In Jefferson, Georgia, the maximum time of incarceration for disorderly conduct bail is $1,000. If other charges are applied at the same time, the bail amount will be higher. Can disorderly conduct charges be dropped? Yes, with the experience of a criminal defense lawyer, they will present your case in a way that makes the state’s standing insufficient could have the charges dropped.

If you need a disorderly conduct bail bond in Jefferson, GA, call 706-353-6467.