How Much is Bail for a Theft Charge?

How Much is Bail for a Theft Charge?

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Theft has been around since the dawn of man. In many places, even still today, theft is punished by cutting off the thief’s hand or by death. What hasn’t always existed is the act of being arrested, placed in jail, and the possibility of posting a theft charge bail bond. Once a bail bond has been posted, this allows the accused to be released until their court date. If you need a theft charge bail bond in Jefferson, GA, let the experienced bail bondsmen at Double "O" Bonding help. Call us anytime at 706-353-6467.

What is theft in Georgia?

Today, every city in every state has its own set of laws when it comes to theft, but they all are within the definition of the federal government. This includes the judge granting theft charge bail bond to release the accused. In the state of Georgia, how much do you have to steal to go to jail? There are 4 key elements that are used to determine if theft actually has taken place. Those elements are: 

  • Appropriation of property
  • Property belonging to another person
  • Dishonesty
  • Intention to deprive another person permanently

When any combination of these elements occurs, it becomes a crime regardless of the amount. Whether a person is arrested on a theft charge, bail bond pending a judge’s decision, they could face penalties such as: 

Theft by Taking a misdemeanor charge: Punishable by a maximum of 1 year jail time. 

Theft by Taking a Felony charge:  For property valued between $1,500 and $5,000 is punished with prison time between 1 to 5 years. Property valued between $5,001 and $25,000 is punished with prison time between 1 and 10 years. 

Other theft acts considered felony charges that can result in theft charge bail bond can include: 

  • Theft by Taking: Prison for 5 to 10 years
  • Theft by Deception: Jail time of a maximum of 1 year
  • Theft by Conversion: Jail time of a maximum of 1 year
  • Theft of Services: Jail time of a maximum of 1 year
  • Theft of Mislaid Property: Prison time of 1 to 20 years
  • Theft by Receiving: Prison time of 1 to 10 years or a maximum of 20 years for auto.

How much is bail for shoplifting in Georgia?

For a theft charge bail bond itself will probably be more than the merchandise that is stolen, and then the other costs that result from shoplifting charges in addition. The cost of a theft charge is almost certainly greater than the cost of the merchandise. A misdemeanor theft charge bail is around $1,000 and if the theft charge is raised to a felony theft charge, the bail bond will be even higher. 

In addition to posting the theft charge bail bond, other costs and expenses include: 

  • Court fines
  • A shoplifting course
  • Probation fees
  • Alcohol and drug alcohol testing

In addition to these expenses, there is the cost of opportunities lost because of missing work and future employment. You’ll have multiple appointments with your attorney, the probation officer, court appearances, and in most cases, the time required for providing community service. Often, once the court hearing has been completed and sentencing handed down, it could include the defendant required to undergo counseling at their expense for a period of time.

Once you’ve been arrested for the theft charge, bail bonds posted, and released from jail, your employer may dismiss you and future employers deny your application because of the criminal history created. 

Can you get a bond for a felony in Georgia?

Maybe, maybe not. For a felony theft charge, bail bonds are not guaranteed by the sitting arraignment judge. And some felony theft bail bonds are only permitted by a Superior Court Judge. This can is grouped with other arrest charges such as: 

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Armed Robbery
  • Aggravated Sexual Battery
  • Aggravated Child Molestation
  • Aggravated Sodomy
  • Home Invasion in the First Degree
  • Car Hijacking in the First Degree
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Treason
  • Airport Hijacking

Is theft of $500 a felony in Georgia?

An arrest for theft of goods is a misdemeanor when valued under $500. An arrest for theft of any property over the amount of $500 could be charged as a felony.

Who determines if a theft charge bail bond will be allowed? 

The arraigning judge when the accused is presented will determine if a theft charge bail bond will be allowed and in what amount. Factors that the judge will use in making this decision include: 

  • Criminal history
  • Surrounding circumstances
  • Accused’s employment status
  • Accused’s living arrangement
  • Accused’s standing in the community
Arraignment for a Theft Bail Bond

In Closing 

Crime doesn’t pay, no matter the amount or the merchandise involved. The repercussions of an arrest for theft will follow you for the rest of your life, no matter how small the value of the theft. From employment to homeownership, voting rights, and standing in the community can all be affected, which will run over into the dynamics of family life too. Children are affected for the remainder of their lives as well, often many of them will turn to a life of crime as well. When you need bail for any charge, give us a call at 706-353-6467.