What Will Happen If I Jump Bail?

What Will Happen If I Jump Bail?

What Will Happen If I Jump Bail?

What Will Happen If I Jump Bail? A Few Things Can Occur From Bail Jumping.

What will happen if I jump bail? While this is something that should never happen unless there are extenuated circumstances, it is important to know what will happen if you or someone you love jumps bail.

Given An Arrest Warrant

When you don’t appear in court when you are supposed to, you are likely to be issued an arrest warrant. Police officers could be looking for you and in some states, a bounty hunter will be hired in order to track you down.

Forfeit/Surrender Bond

If you fail to appear in court on your assigned court date, your bail bond will be forfeited. This means that if you or a loved one put up money, property, etc. on a bail bond, you are relinquishing your right to the full amount of the bond.

Continue To Face Charges

The logic probably goes that if you don’t show up to the assigned court day, the charges will be dropped and forgotten entirely. Wrong! Just because you jump bail does not mean the court or judge will forget that you completely missed your court date. Because of this, it will lead to other things, which is discussed in the next section.

Extra Charges Are Added

More years could be added to your first charge, or you could be sentenced with a completely different charge for not showing up for your court date.

So what will happen if I jump bail? A lot of bad things. It’s important that you always, always show up for your court date. If you need bail bond services in Athens, GA, call the bail bondsman at Double “O” Bonding today at 706-353-6467.