Top 5 Teen Offenses

Top 5 Teen Offenses

One of the most difficult tasks as a parent is keeping your child out of trouble. Of course, your child will get into trouble now and again, but we are referring to the serious, handcuff, going on your record kind of trouble. We cringe at the thought of our child ever having to go through the fear and stress of jail for a silly mistake or a stupid decision they have made. We have provided a list of the top 5 teen offenses, according to, to ensure you know what to look out for to keep your child safe.

#5 Curfew

As in traffic cases, many times these offenses don’t lead to your teen spending time behind bars, but there is a possibility. Teens are caught every night out past their city’s curfew time. These offenses could come with hefty fines and, in repeat cases, time to be served.

#4 Vandalism

Kids most often get in trouble for this by “tagging” bathroom stalls or other public areas. These charges are usually resolved by paying a fine, but as in other situations, repeat teen offenses could hold heftier punishment such as jail time or counseling classes.

#3 Assault and Disorderly Conduct

Today, Justice Departments everywhere take this offense seriously, and include situations of bullying, pushing and shoving, fighting, or even flashing. Assault and Disorderly conduct charges often require a substantial fine and could include a jail time sentence.

#2 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana

Often, students are caught with tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana on school grounds, which tend to rack up more fines and charges. Tobacco charges are typically dealt with by issue of a ticket and/or a required drug, alcohol, and tobacco awareness class. When there is another offense after these steps, a judge may require time served in a juvenile detention center.

#1 Theft

Whether it’s peer pressure or the thrill of the chase, more kids are brought up on theft charges including burglary, shoplifting, and stealing private property than any other charge. Typically, these offenses incur large fines and community service or counseling periods. If the offense is repeated, time will likely need to be served, depending on the age of the child.

While we can’t always keep our children out of trouble, knowing what types of offenses are common helps us to know what to look for. We can’t always be there, but we can always be prepared.