3 Common Probation Violations

3 Common Probation Violations

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In Georgia There are 3 Types of Probation Supervisions

Have you or someone you know violated probation in the Athens, GA area? If so, Double O Bonding is here to help. We offer probation violation bail and we have bail agents on call ready to discuss your specific situation. In Georgia, there are 3 types of supervisions that accompany probation. They are:

  • General: The most common form of supervision with a dynamic range of standard to high
  • Mental Health: For offenders who suffer from chronic mental illness or have a history of it
  • Specialized: A supervision specifically designed for sex offenders

Most people will fall under the general supervision category. Violating that probation can cause a myriad of penalties including; revocation of probation, additional sentencing, or a new charge. If you are unsure what constitutes a violation, consider these 5 common probation violations:

Committing Additional Crimes

One no-brainer violation is committing another crime. If you can be arrested for it on its own merit, it will without question violate your probation. Not only do your risk losing your initial sentencing but also being hit with a new one.

Failure to Complete Community Service

Some penalties require community service, which is mandatory. The court can provide a list of approved organizations in which you can put your time in. These organizations are typically along the lines of a humane society or food bank.

Missed Appointments

Every person on probation is required to meet with their probation officer within a reasonable span of the scheduled time. The officer schedules the time and it is them that you must adhere to. If you do fail to show up, the officer has a right to report the incident to the court. Call (706) 353 – 6467 for probation violation bail in Athens, GA and surrounding areas.