What Is Bail And How Does It Work?

As an American citizen, you are guaranteed a set of rights to protect you. In the event of an arrest, you are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. That is why the drafters of the Constitution made sure that we all have a right to bail and release. The eighth amendment makes sure that courts can’t set excessive bail prices, and you can only be denied bail in the event of certain crimes that would deem a defendant dangerous to the public. So what is bail? Bail is a monetary pledge that tells the court you will return to court for your hearing if they release from jail until the court date. While you could wait out that time in jail, you would miss out on vital hours needed to prepare your case.

While bail can’t be set to excessive amounts, it can be expensive for out of pocket. Your bail amount is set by the judge, and how much it will be is determined by the charges against you, as well as your personal history. When your bail is too expensive for a cash payment, you have the opportunity to work with a bail bondsman. Bail bonds let you pay a small fee, and the bail bondsman will pay the rest of your bail. 

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