Longest Prison Sentences in the Country

As a professional bail bonds company, our responsibility is to do what we can to keep you out of jail for as long as possible. But the reality is that, once you go to that courtroom, if the judge finds you guilty of a particular offense, and gives you your sentence, there’s nothing else that we can do about it. And depending on the offense(s) that was violated, there are some that will eventually see freedom after a couple of years, but others won’t outlive their sentence. Check out some of the world’s longest prison sentences to date.

  1. In July 2012, James Eagan Holmes went into a Colorado movie theater and opened fire, slaying 12 and injuring 70 individuals. He ended up being convicted of first-degree murder, which he received life without parole and then an additional 3,300 years for the dozens of attempted murder.
  2. Back in 1976, Dudley Wayne Kyzer was charged with a triple homicide. He shot his ex-wife in the chest, her mother in the head, along with a male student, also in the head, who happened to be with them on that fateful Halloween night. To make sure that he would never see freedom again, the judge sentenced him to 10,000 years in prison.
  3. Charles Scott Robinson tops the American list with a sentence of 30,000 for six counts of sexual assault on children back in 1994. The jurors on this case wee unable to agree on a life sentence without parole, but the judge made sure that Robinson would never be eligible for parole and never see the outside of prison ever again.

Although we have no weight on the judge’s final word and sentencing, we are here to make sure that you maintain your freedom until your court date. So if you know someone that’s in need of reliable bail bond services in Athens, GA, dial (800) 660-6467. The expert bail bondsmen at Double “O” Bonding are here when you need us.