Making Bail After Midnight: What to Know

Making Bail After Midnight: What to Know

a police car's lightsThe law never sleeps. In fact, they’re usually more suspicious toward people who are out late at night, which could lead to an arrest. If your loved one has been jailed, they get one phone call. If they use it to call you, you’ll want to be prepared for what to expect when you try and get a bail bond outside of regular business hours.

It’s Easier Than You Think

An experienced bail bondsman knows that they need to be prepared to offer their services at any time of the day or night. That’s why many offer 24/7 emergency service. Call their office to make sure they offer this convenience to their customers. You might reach the bondsman, or at least a message service that will forward your call to the appropriate person.

The Internet is Your Friend

Of course, the Internet is available at any hour. If you’re in the middle of a stressful bail bond situation, try to remain calm. Most bail bond companies have a web presence with their contact information on display. Some even offer online forms to print, or checklists of every document you will need in order to bail out your loved one.

Find a Name You Can Trust

Go online and look at the names of bail bond companies in your area. Don’t just choose the first one you come to; do a little research and find one that has been in business for years, is licensed and insured, and has good reviews from previous clients. Once these criteria have been met, call the bail bond office and find out what you need to bring with you to the jail.

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