Bail Bonds Agents Aren’t the “Bad Guys”

Bail Bonds Agents Aren’t the “Bad Guys”

It is completely understandable that you are not excited in the slightest to have to search for a bail bonds agent. In fact, that is likely a huge understatement. And who can blame you? Finding yourself in a situation where a friend or loved one has been arrested can be scary, overwhelming, and may find you in a tough spot, wondering how to best help out in the situation.

But when you find yourself in this spot, it’s worth it to quickly realize that bail bonds agents aren’t the so-called “Bad Guys.” It’s easy enough to associate anyone involved in this difficult process as an unwelcome presence in your otherwise peaceful life. (Police officers, judges, attorneys…they all get lumped in there too.) And while it’s understood that the days ahead aren’t easy or smooth, it’s worth noting that the standard perception of bail bonds agents is slightly skewed.

21704236_sThe role of a bail bonds agent has largely been distorted by the media and perceptions based on said media. In reality, bail agents are more like trusted insurance agents than they are bounty hunters. A fugitive recovery agent (the formal name of the much-sensationalized “bounty hunters” some have come to love while many hope to never encounter) has a very different role in the law-enforcement process. These two are commonly confused as the same person, but they couldn’t be more different.

When it comes to looking into bail options for a family member or friend who has been arrested, people may be surprised to learn that their bail bonds agent is actually an advocate for them…and for their loved ones! Sure, they help facilitate financial arrangements to bring the loved one home, but they are also a trusted, professional resource who can help navigate the many steps and obligations associated with posting bail.

Are looking for this kind of support as you plan to assist a loved one? Unsure where to start and what to do? Here’s an easy first step: give Double “O” Bonding a call at 706-353-6467. Let one of our professional, supportive bail bond agents help you get started and walk along side you the whole way!