3 of the World’s Most Expensive Bail Bonds

3 of the World’s Most Expensive Bail Bonds

We all know that being arrested and put in jail typically comes with some amount of bail. On the average, bail can start at $10,000 and increase from there. But with
high profile cases, bail can be as much as $1 million and still go from there. Below, you will find the most costly bail bonds in the history of the world.

  1. Michael Milken

    With his bail set at an astounding $250 million, this America business mogul was accused of being involved with 98 counts of securities fraud and racketeering in the 1989 Wall Street Case. He was found guilty and although he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, he only served two.

  2. Mr. & Mrs. Kening Ma

    Hailing from southern man in handcuffsCalifornia, this husband and wife team had their bail set at a combined $175 million. They were accused of selling all-terrain vehicles without having a smog certificate. They were both arrested after an extensive investigation. With Mr. Ma’s was bail bond set at $100 million and his wife’s set at $75 million, they were able to post bail and be released.

  3. Julius Meinl

    This billionaire, British native was arrested for suspicion of being involved in covert buybacks of shares that actually were linked to his own European Land Company. He was arrested and had his bail set at $133 million, which he was able to pay and be released.

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