Drug Related Charges and Your Right to Bail

barbed wire fenceBeing arrested can be stressful and chaotic, and this is especially so if you are facing drug charges. Drug charges can carry heavy penalties that are far reaching into many aspects of your life, so it is critical that you seek qualified legal assistance when preparing for your trial. Posting bail in order to seek this is assistance is key in accessing this help. Here we briefly outline drug charges.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) categorizes drugs into certain schedules based on their potential for abuse and their use in the medical field. The schedules range from I to V in decreasing risk for psychological or physical dependence. Schedule I drugs are considered to have the highest risk for dependence and no presently accepted medical use. This includes drugs such as LSD, ecstasy, peyote, marijuana, heroin, and methaqualone. Schedule V drugs are considered to have the least risk for dependence and include drugs that are commonly used in the medical field, such as Lyrica and Robitussin AC.

Drug Charges in Georgia

Penalties for drug charges can have serious, life-altering consequences. This is why seeking legal counsel before your trial is so important. To await trial in the freedom of your home and seek quality legal advice, call our bail team at 706-353-6467 to secure your freedom fast