Bail Bust: Bond Agents Jailed for Illegal Business Practices

Bail Bust: Bond Agents Jailed for Illegal Business Practices

police carsReceiving a panicked phone call from a friend in jail can be a startling situation. You probably feel the urge to run straight to the nearest bail agency, but with a little clear thinking and research, you will save you and your friend a great amount of frustration (and probably money). Choosing the right bail bondsman is a critical step in successfully navigating a legal situation.

Earlier this year in California, a 30 agents from several bond companies were charged with felonies for illegal business practices. Authorities took action to jail the bond agents after complaints against them began to pile up and the agents ignored warnings from the authorities. Posting bail is important to the legal system: bond agents following illegal business practices hinder the system and the people and families involved.

If you are faced with the task of securing bail for a loved one, don’t give in to fear and simply contact the bail agent that is closest to the jail. Take simply a few minutes to research a trustworthy bond company to help you navigate one of the most stressful situations in life. Examine their reputation, how their customers review their services, and other factors that are relevant to the type of bail you will post.

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