Things To Know Before Contacting A Bondsman

Things To Know Before Contacting A Bondsman

Photo of contacting a bondsmanWhen a friend has been taken in by the police and assigned bail, you may be unsure how to proceed. In this situation, contacting a bondsman can help. However, there is some information you are going to need before contacting a bondsman. This information will tell the bondsman everything they need to get the ball rolling.  Make sure you have the following information to get started. 

Information to Have When Contacting a Bondsman

Where and Who Are They?

While you may know exactly who you are trying to help, a bondsman will need to know their full name and location in order to assist. Make sure if you have multiple police departments in your town that you find the correct full name and possibly the precinct number.

What is the Booking Number?

In order to process things easier, jails and police departments assign a booking number to each person being processed. This will be a point of reference between the jail and the bondsman for the case they are calling about. You can get this prior to calling the bondsman from the police.

What is the Bail Amount?

Bail is assigned by a judge. If your friend was picked up on a warrant or specific charges, a bail amount may already be assigned. This will help the bondsman expedite things when they arrive or call the police.

Once you have all this information, contact your local bondsman for assistance. Need bail bonds in Georgia? Call Double O Bonding today at (706) 353 – 6467 for bondsman services.