Bail Bond Myths: Squashing 4 Common Myths About Bail Bonds

There are all sorts of bail bond myths that have been circulating for years. These myths vary from the bail bond process, how much money you owe, what you do once you are out on bail. Knowing what rules are true and false will help you navigate the bail bond process better. Here are four common bail bond myths for you to know.

4 Bail Bond Myths

Bail Bond Myth #1: You Can Only Pay in Cash

Considering bail bonds go up to thousands of dollars, it is kind of ridiculous to make someone pay cash only. However, every state and bail bondsmen are different, but for the most part, you can use cash, checks, credit cards, or even put up collateral.

Bail Bond Myth #2: You Can Negotiate Bail Bond Amount

Bail bondsmen have no say in how much your bail will be. They can help you get released but the judge is only on who can determine how much your bail will be.

Bail Bond Myth #3: You Can Only Be Bailed Out By A Family Member

If someone you know if over the age of 18 and has the resources to bail you out of jail, then they can do that.

Bail Bond Myth #4: Once You’ve Been Bailed Out, You Don’t Have to Return to Court

You must return to court after you’ve been bailed out. Forgetting to go to your set court date can lead to more trouble.

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