What Happens if You Get Charged with Disorderly Conduct?

What Happens if You Get Charged with Disorderly Conduct?

A disorderly conduct arrest does not always mean you will be charged for the same thing.

Have You Been Charged With Disorderly Conduct?

A common and often misunderstood criminal charge is the disorderly conduct. Thanks to TV shows and movies, it can seem like people get arrested and charged for disorderly conduct all the time. When the reality is, few people are actually convicted of disorderly conduct. What is fairly common is the arrest for disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct. But what does is it mean to be arrested for disorderly conduct? Why would anyone be arrested for disturbing the peace? Do you need bail for a disorderly conduct charge? For the answers to any of these questions, contact Double "O" Bonding, 706-353-6467 about disorderly conduct in the Jefferson, GA area.

Disorderly Conduct vs. Disturbing the Peace

What is the definition of disorderly conduct? Disorderly conduct is often defined as unruly behavior that is criminally offensive or disruptive to a public activity. Generally speaking, disorderly conduct arrests have followed violent behavior or rather, behavior that could breach the peace or alarm others. It’s important here to point out that there is no real difference between disorderly conduct and another phrase commonly used here, disturbing the peace. In fact, in many definitions disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace are used interchangeably. Ultimately, though, the definition for disorderly conduct will vary slightly from state to state. Convictions and charges are to be determined by how each state defines criminal statutes.

In the criminal court, disorderly conduct is classified as a class C misdemeanor. With this decision, someone can see a penalty fine as well as possible jail time. And disorderly conduct as a misdemeanor is a standard decision handed down in Georgia courts.

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Disorderly Conduct Examples

Disorderly conduct is considered a catch-all term and charge to prohibit actions, threats, or words that could threaten public peace. If that sounds vague, it’s because it is. The definition is broad to allow for interpretation by the arresting officers. An arrest for disorderly conduct can be the result of things like:

  • Violating noise ordinances
  • Loitering
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Displaying reckless behavior in a public place
  • Public drunkenness
  • Any behavior that threatens public safety

It’s incredibly important to note here that public drunkenness, or public intoxication, is a legally separate offense. To be charged with public intoxication, you must have failed a breathalyzer test or participated in a blood test that showed the blood alcohol content (BAC) was higher than .08%. But if a person appears to be intoxicated, i.e through reckless behavior, profane language, or by making loud noises, that person can be charged with public intoxication and have a disorderly conduct charge tacked on as well. Neither are ideal, but a disorderly conduct charge can be contested. If you are found to be a threat to public safety and are jailed for disorderly conduct in Jefferson, GA, contact Double "O" Bonding at 706-353-6467. We can help you pay the necessary fines to get you back on your feet and ready to defend yourself, should you choose to contest a disorderly conduct charge. And as your bail bonds company, we want to remind everyone to be mindful that disorderly conduct can happen anywhere, including the courtroom. Court Etiquette is very important and when someone doesn’t know the correct procedures, it can lead to disorderly conduct charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of disorderly conduct?

Actions like public drunkenness, violating noise ordinances, and/or any behavior that threatens public safety.

Does disorderly conduct stay on your record?

If you are convicted of a disorderly conduct charge, it will stay on your record if an employer runs a search.

Is disorderly conduct serious?

Any arrest and charge should be taken seriously, so yes, a disorderly conduct charge is serious.

Does disorderly conduct affect background checks?

Both disorderly conduct arrests and charges can stay on your criminal record and be found during a background check.

Can you be charged with disorderly conduct in your own home?

You can be arrested for disorderly conduct on your property, but you cannot be charged for it because by definition, disorderly conduct must take place in a public place. Not private property.

Disorderly conduct charges can be contested.

The Bail Bonds Company on Your Side

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