Public Defender Vs. Private Lawyer: Which Is The Right Choice?

Public Defender Vs. Private Lawyer: Which Is The Right Choice?

LawyerWhen facing charges, you want to get started on your defense and case before your court date. In this situation, you may find yourself having to make many choices very fast. One of the biggest decisions people may find themselves struggling with is whether they should have a court-appointed public defender or if they should seek a private attorney for their case. The first thing you must do is remember that whichever you choose, both of these types of lawyers are professional with experience in the law field. They will both provide the service you need and work for you. Once you understand this, you can consider the way both work differently in order to make the best choice.

The Differences Between Public Vs. Private

While both are experienced in the law field and qualified to handle your case, there are some differences that you can consider. With a private attorney, the first big issue is that you yourself will have to do your research. There are many different kinds of lawyers out there, so you will want someone who has experience in your charges specifically. Choosing a private attorney also means that you will have to handle their expenses. However, as an added benefit, a private attorney will be able to meet with you regularly and take a hands-on approach to your case.

Public defenders, on the other hand, are directly assigned to you. While you do not have your choice of a defender, there is a big advantage to be had. This means they will more than likely have experience not only with your charges but the court and judge you are dealing with. They may even have worked with the prosecutor or opposing lawyer before, allowing for easier communication and plea agreements. These defenders, however, tend to have larger caseloads, which may mean they will have less time to meet with you to discuss the case.

When it comes to deciding which is best, the choice really comes down to your preferences. You will still get the defense you expect and need for your case. Remember, you have options. Need bail bonds to get out and start working with your lawyer? Double “O” Bonding provides bail bonds for your case. Call us today at (706) 353-6467 for bondsmen in the state of Georgia.