How to Find a Loved One in Jail

How to Find a Loved One in Jail

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Finding an arrested loved one

The United States has more than two million citizens behind bars, and many of them, if not all of them, have family members on the outside worrying about them. For the spouse or partner on the outside, there is an emotional and traumatic impact on the family. It is complicated and overwhelming for the children, disruptive of the household routine, and then there is the financial strain incarceration creates, including the process of arranging for bail bonds.

Fortunately, for all of the things mentioned above, finding a bail bonds company is the easiest part. There is at least one on every corner around a jail, on bus benches, and billboards.  By any chance, you don’t see any of those. You can always do a Google search for ‘bail bonds near me,’ and you’ll get more than you can contact, and you can even find answers about bail bonds specifically. 

As the family member on the outside, if you’ve never experienced having a loved one incarcerated, you probably have a lot of questions, and concerned about your loved one. Once you have received that ‘one phone call’ and got over the initial shock, learning about bail bonds is the first thing you need to do. 

Like learning about bail bonds and how they work and will bail bonds be the end of your worries, or is this just the start of a long journey. Any concerns or questions about bail bonds are best left to an attorney to answer. While we can’t answer all your questions and address all of your concerns in this article, we have selected a few of the most common questions to answer. 

What do you do when a loved one is incarcerated?

When a loved one is arrested and sentenced to time behind bars, the challenge is the unknown, and the unknown is what leaves us feeling a loss of control over or lives. After you have handled the bail bonds issue and have secured legal counsel, the first thing, and the best thing you can do is to gain control over the situation. 

To start gaining that control, use the time to prepare yourself, the family, and the loved one that is incarcerated. Talk about what could be ahead for the incarcerated one and how it will affect the family. You need to get prepared emotionally, mentally, and financially, especially if the loved one is the family breadwinner. After researching bail bonds and posting bail, your finances are hit hard, and this will become a huge focus in the future. 

Know that there are psychological stages that you, the family, and the loved one will go through, and this is normal. Instead of the emotions controlling everyone’s actions, learn to realize when those emotions are building, and learn how to work with them. 

For the children, preparing them for the possibility that the loved one may be gone for a time will be the hardest part. Young children don’t understand finances, and they won’t understand the emotional strain that comes from the financial strain of paying bail bonds fees and dealing without that paycheck. 

How do I leave a message for an inmate?

Having a loved one imprisoned is not a good experience for either party, the incarcerated, or those on the outside. As much as you’re going through processing this situation, life inside jail or prison isn’t a fun place either. Inmates have few privileges, no privacy or freedom, most of which you understand after calling around for bail bonds, they won’t have much after they are released. 

During this time, your loved one will likely lean on you for support. You can contact the facility the loved one is incarcerated and find out the specifics for contacting them or sending them gifts and staples. Each facility will have necessary state policies, and each will have their policies. In Alleghany County, the following is a general idea of what you can do and expect: 

  • Phone calls: Ask if it is possible to leave messages and if there is a specific number to call. 
  • Care Package and Mail: Inmates are usually allowed to receive letters. Call the unit they are incarcerated and ask for the address, and how to address it, so it gets to your loved one. 
  • Sending Funds: You may wonder what a prisoner could need while behind bars, but there are some luxuries they can acquire, like snacks through a vending machine. In addition to their three meals each day, they can pay extra for some things, like soft drinks and sweets. 
  • Visitors: Most facilities allow a certain number of visitors that have to be preapproved. The visiting days and times are specific to each facility. Calling the facility and asking their specifics is recommended. 

What do you say to someone in jail?

Frequent contact by phone and in-person visitations. Keep them up-to-date on what’s going on with the family and friends. Talk about what’s going on with the world, and listen to them. Bring recent pictures, a book to read together and share any good news with them.  

While they are in a wrong way being locked up, share your problems with them too. These are things that will help them remember there are issues besides there. Ask advice on how to handle your financial woes, problems at work, or issues with a neighbor. Please give them a semblance of normalcy amid their worries and make them feel they are still a part of your life outside. Don’t forget, anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. 

How do you make a prisoner feel loved?

Don’t forget them, don’t ignore them. As hard as this time is for you, it is worse for them, especially when they know they are the cause of your worries. If you can’t make the weekly visit, send cards and letters, enclose pictures of the kids and their other loved ones. They may be behind bars, but they are still humans and need to be treated as a person with feelings. 

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What information do you need to write an inmate?

Writing to a loved one that is in prison will be a special gift for them.  A person that is incarcerated doesn’t have any outside contact so that a personal letter can bring them a smile in an otherwise bleak situation. Writing to a person incarcerated will be read by jail or prison officials. Don’t write about anything that could cause your loved one’s problems. Choose the topics and tone with care. You want to make sure it is addressed correctly, include their prisoner number, and make sure your name and the return address is on the envelope. 

If you are going to send something with the letter, make sure you check the guidelines and follow them exactly. Scented stationery, glitter, stickers, and other items will get your letter trashed. The prison may open your correspondence. Don’t say anything that could cause repercussions for your correspondent, such as disparaging remarks about prison officials. Sexual or violent content is likely to prevent your letter from being delivered.

Refrain from badgering the person about why they are incarcerated. They may ask how things are going on the outside, mostly the financial strain they have put the family under. Answer their questions honestly but without an accusing or argumentative tone. Need bail bonds to help your loved one? Call 706-353-6467 today for bail bonds in Jefferson, GA.