How to Achieve Probation Success

How to Achieve Probation Success

Probation Success

An Inability to Abide by Probation’s Terms Will See Your Return to Jail.

As opposed to jail time, probation represents a great opportunity. Instead of sitting in a facility, separated from friends and family and unable to work, a probationer can remain a contributing member of society. Of course, probation does not come without its costs. In order to achieve probation success, make sure you attend to the following factors.

Pay Your Fines

Probationers will always have some amount of fines to pay, even if these are merely the monthly fees for probation. As a measure of personal responsibility, probationers are expected to stay current on all fees and fines. Repeated missed or late payments could send you back to jail.

Stay Employed

The court generally has regular employment as one of its basic requirements for probation success. Supervision officers and the court like to see that a probationer can remain gainfully employed. Employment can also reduce some of the temptations associated with criminal life. Most probation offices will provide help locating employment.

Stay Clean

Probation typically involves some variety of substance testing. In order to remain free, you will need to regularly test negative for the use of illegal substances. If you have an alcohol-related conviction, these tests could include that substance as well. The failure of these tests represents one of the most common reasons for a probation violation, so make sure to abide by your terms.

If you find yourself unable to adhere to these requirements, there’s a good chance you’ll wind up back behind bars. If you or a friend has become incarcerated over a probation violation, give Double "O" Bonding a call at 706-353-6467. When it comes to bail bonds in Jefferson, GA, we’re your local source.