3 Things to Remember When Being Arrested

3 Things to Remember When Being Arrested

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Being arrested for the first time is a scary, intimidating experience. However, remembering these three things can help you have a smoother, less volatile experience and keep you out of further trouble.

Know Your Rights, and Exercise Them.

You really do have the right to remain silent. You should do this. Answer questions that you are asked clearly and precisely, but offer no additional information. Be polite to the officers, but don’t chit-chat. This is a serious situation and making light of it will not help you. Unless officers have a warrant, you also have the right to refuse a search. Never let an officer search your home or vehicle without a warrant or probable cause. This could land you in even more trouble that may not even be your fault.

Ask What Your Charge and Get the Arresting Officer’s Name.

When you are being arrested, make sure you know why. Ask what the charge is, but do not be rude or sarcastic. If you get the chance, also get the arresting officer’s name for your records. This will be important in case any discrepancies arise in your case. Remember the exact charge and report it to your legal advisor to ensure a clear, matching charge.

Stay Polite.

One of the hardest things to do when people find themselves in an arrest situation is to be polite. This is vital, however. Your actions will be taken into consideration by the judge who sets your bond. If you have a smart mouth and are obstinate with your arresting officer, the judge may set your amount higher for insubordination. Even though being arrested is a frustrating, scary situation, you must remain polite.

Being arrested is a frightening, stressful experience. Don’t make it worse than it has to be. Remaining cordial and polite will help your experience go smoother and faster to get you released quicker. When you or a loved one has been arrested, call the Double O Bonding team to help at (706) 353 – 6467.